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Jan 9, 2013 7:00am PST
that i helped create. lastly, i like to remind all of us that emersion education takes on many forms in today's educational arena. the focus is sometimes blurred. by different interpretations. or political agendas. i hope that the emersion education model as conceptualized and exemplified by the alice fong yu community, will help provide standards of all emersion education programs everywhere. thank you very much. [applause] >> we are very honor to recognize michelle kyung, a teacher at washington high school, and awarded the outstanding teacher of america award by the carl foundation, and here this evening is our award winning teacher, michelle kyung and we would like to present a certificate and ask you to say a few words. [applause] >> happy new year and good evening to superintendent carranza, and new board president rachel norton, sorry, i have been sick today. and vice president fewer, i am erica from the george washington high school, and i am here to share positive about a teacher at george washington high school. after all the papers are turned in and the scores tabulated. a
Jan 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
helping to improve our educational system. and lastly, i would like to thank the board for allowing us to take a part in this meeting. [applause] >> commissioner wynns. >> thank you, i want to add my congratulations, and thanks to the foundation. my congratulations to all of you. but i wanted to, if i may, as a point of personal privilege express my thank to liana szeto to all of her years of dedication to alice fong yu, and the school district. i have been there since the beginning too, and i appreciate all you have done and the recognition is richly deserved. thank you. >> i would also like to congratulate the honorees tonight. and i had the pleasure of attending an educator trip to china with liana, and i want tell everyone that mandarin skills are excellent. and very well deserved. and i want to thank michelle kyung for being an excellent teacher for my son. when he was in her honor roll class, and thank you for awarding her this recognition. thank you. >> thank you, vice president fewer. all right, we will move along to the student delegates' report. >> we want to congratulate eve
Jan 10, 2013 11:00pm EST
favorite make it is list, chicken soup. it can help clear congestion. and lastly,make sure you get plenty of rest. rest will help you build up your immune system again and give your body some time to heal. >> if you didn't get all of that down, don't worry it's aulg on our website along with many other resources including your link to the natural ways to boost your imunit and also a map tracking the outbreak. you canfind it online at abc2 news/flu. >> tonight the ravens are packing up preparing for their flight to denver. today theywere out on the field for their last home practice before heading to the mile high city. the team decided to arrive just one day ahead of the game. theravens are getting ready and abc2 news is already in denver. if anyone could find a big rowdy group of ravens fans it's jamie costello. he introduces us to some baltimore faithful in denver. >> why would anyone want to leave baltimore? these fans left for opportunity. >> my friends moved down here a few years ago and i followed them. >> i came down with no job and it worked out for the best. >> why not pick
Jan 29, 2013 6:00am EST
of future unauthorized workers and lastly, we establish an improved process for e admitting future workers to serve our work force needs while protecting all workers. other bipartisan senators have stood in the same spot before trumpeting similar proposals. but we believe this will be the year congress finally gets it done. the politics on this issue have been turned upside down. for the first time ever, there is more political risk in opposing immigration reform than in supporting it. opportunity to act. but we will only succeed if the effort is bipartisan. by their presence today, my republican colleagues are making a significant statement about the need to fix our broken immigration system. we democrats are equally serious. we do not want immigration as a wedge issue. much rather we want a bipartisan bill that solves the problem and becomes law. we recognize that in order to pass bipartisan legislation none of us can get everything we want. that's why our framework says we can address the status of people living here illegally while securing our borders and creating an immigration enfor
Jan 28, 2013 2:00pm EST
of unauthorized workers and lastly establish an improved process for admitting future workers to serve our workforce needs while simultaneously protecting all workers. other bipartisan groups of senators have stood in the same spot before trumpeting similar proposals but we believe this will be the year congress finally gets it done. the politics on this issue have been turned upside down. for the first time ever, there's more political risk in opposing immigration reform than in supporting it. we believe we have a window of opportunity to act. but we will only succeed if the effort is bipartisan. by their presence today, my republican colleagues are making a significant statement about the need to fix our broken immigration system. we democrats are equally serious. we do not want immigration as a wedge issue. much rather we want a bipartisan bill that solves the problem and becomes law. we recognize that in order to pass bipartisan legislation none of us can get everything we want. that's why our framework says we can address the status of people living here illegally while at the same ti
Jan 13, 2013 11:15am EST
, the government already provided grants to battery companies, and lastly another one went bankrupt, a 123 battery company. compact power run by lg -- battery company that is laying off workers. i'm not sure the government has a role. as far as natural gas goes, gm and chrysler have announced, gm and ford have announced they will be making dual fuel pickup trucks using natural gas and gasoline, and many fleet of trucks, and buses now run on natural gas. .. the wrong technology will be a drain of the taxpayer and will add to our trillion dollar deficit. [inaudible question] >> thank you. i would like to know, to which to greedy peak says the united nations look in that 21st century that has contributed to the conservation of political power in the hands of the green lobby? >> well, un has always been very encouraging of the green lobby, and this green jobs issue is not just an issue here in the that states but the issue also in europe, being encouraged by the u.n., meetings in real over the summer, but europe is also finding that green jobs are not all they thought there would be. spain has just st
Jan 17, 2013 1:00am EST
them the help they need. lastly, in addition i personally support the creation of a national commission of domestic terrorism, violence, and crime in america. it will examine issues and put promises on what government can do on a local, state, and national level to reduce terrorism and prevent attacks such as those we witnesses in newtown, aurora, tucson, and at virginia tech. yesterday, as mayor of philadelphia, i announced and put forward something i refer to as the sandy hook principles. these are called to action to heed the basic core values of american citizens and promoting the health, safety, and well being of our communities. the objective is to influence the behavior of gun and am you nation manufacturers, distributors and retailers by establishing a baseline standard for a responsible conduct of their business. i will share these principles with many other mayors and we expect these we will review and discuss them in the days ahead. let me be clear, strengthening our gun laws should not have to wait for these other actions to occur. the time for action is now. the nation's ma
Jan 9, 2013 5:30pm PST
be transmitted up to six feet away. so, you really want to keep that person separate. and lastly, disinfect. wipe off those surfaces, and, guess what, diane? the flu virus really does not like humidity and sunlight. so, you want to open up the blinds, boost the humidity, turn up the temperature. research has shown that can actually deactivate the flu virus. >> let the sun shine in if you can. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much, dr. jennifer ashton reporting in. >>> and we turn next to washington today. secretary of state hillary clinton spoke to cameras for the first time since her concussion and blood clot, saying she is thrilled to be back at work, but calling her return to the state department bittersweet, as she prepares to step down, saying, don't call it retirement just yet. >> well, i don't know if that's the word i would use, but certainly, stepping off the very fast track for a little while. >> and for now, her fast track includes some growing signs of menace from iran. today, the state department vowed to do something about a father held hostage for years and a f
Jan 13, 2013 5:30pm PST
don't sweat with this. line the sweat stops. >> and lastly, fitbit, you wear it like a watch or right on your belt, and it tells you how many steps, how many stairs climbed, how many calories burned in a single day. so if your goal is 2,562, you're almost there. how many steps should we be taking? >> you should be taking at least 10,000. >> reporter: 10,000 steps a day. so today at work, let's see how many steps i take before i get to the news desk here. took the stairs, went to starbucks for everyone, back up the block, got to love the escalator, delivering those coffees to the edit room. i haven't even hit 2,000 yet, which is why that message said faster, david. everyone is laughing at me here in the studio. i should have skipped the escalator. i'm only at 2600 steps. it should say 10,000. "gma" first thing tomorrow morning and as we mentioned robin roberts with a special announce many. we can't wait, diane right back here tomorrow night, good night. morning and as we mentioned robin roberts with a special announce many. we can't wait, diane right back here tomorrow night, good nigh
Jan 1, 2013 11:30am PST
. lastly, i'd like to request for consideration of this artificial deadline of february 4th. i understand time and cost and a lot of things involved in making this very important decision. but the community dialogue, the community planning process has just started. i know the project has been kind of going on for 20-year, but the north beach process started half a year. we barely started and i'm getting into it. i think we have a deadline of february 1st to make this kind of decisions. i think i'm very troubled by it. i'd like to request that the resolution be amended to reflect a date that gives more time for the community to be involved. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> [speaker not understood] smith, eric scott, julie christian son. >> good afternoon, mr. [speaker not understood]. nice to see you. >>> mr. chairman, director rifkin, thank you, and members. thank you for the seeking additional opinion and reach a resident opinion. my name is rod [speaker not understood]. i'm not here as a past president of the hill dwellers. i divert from the hill dweller's review on this one. n
Jan 14, 2013 12:00am PST
you. and then lastly on page 9 of the report i just mentioned that the occ met with the department to finalize revision of the pursuit policy dodge 505. we've been batting this around for some time. i'm trying to remember if it's on calendar. i don't know if we have a date for it and where we are. >> i do believe there is a date for it. >> commissioner chan, the occ made all of its comments, and as i understand it, chief suhr, the command staff was reviewing it and it was going through a concurrence process. i don't have a date at this point. >> commissioner chan: inspector, do we have a date for that? >> it hasn't been calendared. >> commissioner chan: when we get to that part of the calendar, we should may calendar a date. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> president mazzucco: commissioner kingsley. >> commissioner kingsley: thank you, director hicks, for your report. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome, commissioner kingsley. >> commissioner kingsley: do we have any totals for failure to collect traffic stop data for the year? it seems like this is a reoccurring thing that comes up
Jan 15, 2013 9:30pm PST
it, empowering young people to do something about it when they spot it. lastly, the partners recently announced a stop bullying video challenge where we are bringing together psa's that highlight what's happening by young people and want to give awards and celebrate that. and, as i mentioned earlier, the grants, the money, the department of education has issued 11 grants to schools. we need more, we will see as budget proposals the president's and the secretary's real commitment to this to ensure that we have some resources for innovative programs that are happening across the country for those local programs that are really changing the way their schools function and their communities see their schools and promoting those and scaling them up. >> very quickly because i know we want to move on, the attorney general launched a defending childhood initiative, i know there's a lot of philanthropy in the room, we want to work in partnership to find those innovative programs. there was a jurisdiction in north dakota that got a grant to implement some of the restoretive justice programs, t
Jan 9, 2013 10:00pm EST
maybe not virginia but definitely in maryland. >> lastly, quickly i haven't heard so much about the presidential inauguration about how it is impacting city council. they are concerned how they will get around on that day. how they want to go down on friday and deliver custom made license tags. >> that is constructive development, my true colors are showing. mary che and a delegation will go to 1600 pennsylvania with 44 why? this is the 44th president and ask him to put this on the limousine bill clinton had it on, george bush took it off, obama never put it on it is in your face tactic by the dc council. they are going to try to do it on friday s whether they accept it or not, they will lay that plate there and give them the unanimous resolution, mr. president put this on the limousine for inauguration. >>> the plans for inauguration are forming up we know more about the stars asked to perform. richard blanco will be the poet. he is a son of cuban exiles and openly gay. maya angelou was the poet in 2009. ♪ [ music ] >> you are going to hear this voice again this year. they ha
Jan 18, 2013 4:00am EST
. they're opposed to iraq. lastly saddam hussein was a stable regime and it hadn't in recent years been aggressive. but nonetheless, if you're sitting in london or paris, you're thinking, oh, my god, another intervention at a time when our military is losing strength, not gaining strength. >> exactly. and it's interesting to see the u.s. response being very cautious. we'll hear from the president on monday whether he makes a big policy statement on this, perhaps unlikely. but for the bridge stickersel here and to go back to david cameron, wa kind of pressure is on him to formulate a response here? not only in this event, but for the next round of activity to unfold. >> it's a very fast-moving situation. i think their first response was to try to be supportive to -- not too supportive, send a couple of planes, send our own troops. however, if a lot of troops have been killed in the algerian situation, if the mali thing gets out of hand, there may be pressure to rachet up the response. president obama's response is incredibly important. all of the signals we've been getting from the white
Jan 15, 2013 1:00pm EST
from where we're moving now. lastly, the big winner here, dell continues to move higher on speculation that the company is looking to go quiet. the stock up by almost 5%. back over to you. >> thank you very much, seema. let's turn to the hedge funds. they're taking more risk with reportedly higher levels. will a looming debt rate derail us? joining us first with the top hedge funds strategies is david. good to see you, david. we're a little short on time because of the facebook event. forgive me if i have to interrupt you for breaking news but i would assume that the addition of more leverage to portfolios is a good sign. >> that's right. in general not so much the use of leverage but you're seeing the participation rates in the market go up. hedge funds are taking more net long positions and you're seeing an overall risk fund. >> are there places they're putting their money more than others? >> you're seeing a lot more. in terms of the stock pickers you're looking at consumers and emerging markets for equities. >> also the dividend area has been very popular, but not necessarily in te
Jan 17, 2013 12:00pm EST
't reflect end demand. they are still bullish. >> lastly, one of the things in terms of institutional investing that i think is to the detriment of apple. some things are working. if you pare back your holdings in apple there's plenty of place can you go. multiple home where those floss of capital can see positive return. >> do you think we a bottom or close to it is here? >> i think we're close to it. we're close to the bottom of the consensus. what a lot of people are doing too is taking the less riskier investment in apple and putting it in high risk names. not just apple. we're starting to see -- remember december was a strong quarter. they will blow through earnings next week. >> southeast folks could have done what we were describing a month ago. people who had losses which were a lot of folks that bought it from 600 all the way down to 500, a lot of those folks have been blowing it out lawsuitly and taking those losses. didn't make sense to take it last year because you want to pay as much in tax last year because the rates were lower for folks in those higher earner brackets.
Jan 6, 2013 3:00pm PST
. >> lastly, unlike the unhappy guys in the movie "office space" embrace all sorts of technology. >> by the year 2020, over 75% of jobs will have a technology component. they think that is very important for people to understand for longevity and for employment in the future. >> staying employed this year will be easier in some fields than in others, of course. for example, jobs in health care and business services like sales are expected to be plentiful. >> as 2013 goes on, the job market is predicted to pick up steam. setting the stage for better days in the next new year. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >>> well, living in fear, trying to escape, and suffering from more than just war. we take you inside one refugee camp along the turkey/syria border where people are trying to escape bombs and gunfire are now faced with a different kind of catastrophe. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only
Jan 26, 2013 8:00am EST
'll find there is a chapter on that side of the story. and then lastly i have to say that this is a story of guilty love, which i'll come back to if you ask me. so what's the book really about? all right. let me give you the main points here, and i'll keep this brief because the basic structure, the skeleton of the book is something that's quickly told, and it's basically an analysis. it culminates in a prediction. this industry which is now at this moment the world's largest oil producer because the saudis have throttled back, so the saudis and the russians play tag with one another, they alternate, they vie with one another over who is the world's largest oil producer. the russians at this moment are ahead. they have moved up very slightly to very near the soviet level of production. meanwhile, the saudis have throttled back in order to moderate the -- well, why are they, as a matter of fact? why are they throttling back? we can come back to that. so anyway, there we have the russians who are the number one oil producers. but they have essentially been coasting on the assets inherited f
Jan 12, 2013 9:00pm EST
. then lastly, i have to say that this is a story of guilty love. which i'll come back to if you ask me. what's the book really about? all right. let me give you the main points here. i'll keep it brief because the basic structure the skelton of the book is quickly told. it's a analysis. it cull man nates in a prediction. this industry, which is now at this moment, the world's largest oil producer because the saudis have tholgds back. they play tag with one another. they alternate and -- for who is the world's largest oil producer. russias at the moment are a hit. they moved up very slightly to very nearly the soviet level of production. meanwhile the saudis have battles back in order to moderate the -- as a matter of fact why are they like that? we request come back to that. so anyway, there we have the russians who are the number one oil producers. but they have essentially been coasting on the asset inherited from the soviet union from another time and another place. and such was the wealthy of what was discovered such was the wealth of what is still producing 60% of russian oil production
Jan 12, 2013 7:00pm EST
quality assurance. third, poor security. fourth, questionable sustainability. lastly, corruption. let's talk about inadequate planning. we are at risk now of wasting billions of dollars if the agencies charged with implementing new programs and constructing new facility is to not first answer some basic questions. i have been in washington 30 something years. i almost fell off the stage. i came from ohio. maybe i keep this midwestern approach to issues, sort of basic simple questions that you would ask if you were buying a house, buying a car, or trying to lecture your daughter on what school to attend. sort of simple questions, logical questions. these questions are not being asked first -- are not being answered, i should say, in afghanistan. questions such as, are these programs and buildings needed? have you asked the afghans if they want them? have you coordinated it with any of the other organizations working for either of the u.s. government or the international community? have we designed them to meet any specific need that the afghans have? and have redesigned them in such a
FOX News
Jan 4, 2013 9:00pm PST
to focus attention on what a disaster that is. now, lastly, feature these geniuses in the republican party, the republican governors, there are 30 of them in the country right now. by the way, the most of any party in the country in more than a decade. some of the best minds, the most accomplished reformers in america are republican governors. and we've got bobby jindal, scott walker, rick scott, bob mcdonnell, sues anna martinez, rick perry, rick snyder and soon to be gone mitch daniels. and republican governors by and large are successful, they're popular, creative and for the most part found is way to govern in a responsible way so the republicans in the house and senate should work very closely with them, should align with them and learn from them. knew, this list of suggestions is only a partial list of starting points, other smart people will have good ideas as well. the point is, republicans, at every level they need to take a deep breath, they need to stop being reactive to everything that obama does and to events and they should calmly chart out and in a very careful way deliberat
FOX News
Jan 4, 2013 11:00pm PST
over the cubicle. lastly, a dunk tanks. that one was "the five." that's what someone tried to get expensed. >> dana: you need a gooddant for that. >> eric: quickly, one of our favorites, my favorite, arnold schwarzenegger last knight on "the tonight show. " watch. >> we send our representatives to washington to do the job. and then year after year they ring up the debt. now at $63 trillion debt. deficit is $1.3 to $1.5 trillion. it's getter worse and then they sit down and they solve 10% of the problem. it's ridiculous. they should all be fired. >> bob: learn to speak english after all these years. c'mon, man. >> eric: give him a break. it's arnold. >> dana: i'll go because i have career cap, the most stressful job. the top five. agree with the first four. enlisted military personnel. got that one. military general. absolutely. firefighter. you bet. commercial airline pilot. indeed. fifth one, p.r. executives. the fifth most stressful job in america. can't make it up. >> bob: bob on this show. >> eric: true. >> andrea: true. >> dana: next year write in. p.r. executive as the fifth
FOX News
Jan 8, 2013 12:00am PST
says things like -- well rnlings. >> top, we are going to take it out. >> lastly, greg, i find it very curious, you seem very invested in giving possible excuses for the pastor being gaged and in handcuffs. >> yes, i am. i am a good person. >> is that why? >> yes. no, i am just -- think about this. we are all at one point in our lives going to be in a very embarrassing situation. we are on this planet between 70 and 85 years. there will be one time when you are so em bared. look at al roker. last night what did al roker say? he pooped in his pants in the white house. that's embarrassing. >> al roker sharted in the white house? >> what happened if there was nobody around to help you and there were no bathrooms and you had to call 9-1-1? is al roker going to call 9-1-1 saying holy crap, i crapped? >> that would be an abuse to the 9-1-1 system. >> what will he call, 3-1-1? >> what about murieta, california where they charge you $350 for ambulance or paramedics through the fire department? they are now charging. they are literally charging people money. >> they have to because they are goi
FOX News
Jan 10, 2013 12:00am PST
years. >> lastly there was an islamic slave trade. >> there was? he validated -- thank you, andy wherever he went. he is walking down the hall looking for a candy bar. >> he is trying to get on the phone to buy one of the action figures. >>> coming up, what is love? baby don't hurt me, hurt me no more. a strange message that was sent to me. why does the president loathe women? a fair and balanced look at this kenyan born lady hater. >>> women helped him prevail, and yet he favored white and male. president obama, if that's his real name, has nominated a bunch of men to serve in top national security positions including head of the cia, secretary of state and secretary of defense. and not helping matters he picked women to be secretary of vacuuming and secretary of doing the dishes. >> what? >> the washington post said supporters are irked by the shortage of ladies in prominent jobs especially after making women's issues a big part of his campaign. look at him smile mocking them. to me it is massage nighs to put women in cabinet. that's just me. discuss, shall we? >> lightning roo
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 182 (some duplicates have been removed)